2-6 Teaching in English

Initial situation

You might choose to offer courses at your department in English to give your students the opportunity to practice their English or it may simply be a requirement. You could apply for teaching scholarships that take you to different countries or simply inquire with a university if they ac-cept applications by Visiting Lecturers. However, you'd like to know more about the basics and rules of teaching in English first and practice the language before taking these steps.



  • to familiarize participants with important conventions of the English language,
  • to point to essential differences between teaching in German and English and
  • to give input and tools for successfully teaching in English.


  • introduction to linguistic tools for different phases of a course session
  • common mistakes
  • peculiarities of teaching in English abroad and at home
  • grading of assignments in English
  • practice English
  • English language and culture
  • online resources for grammar and pronunciation


Your Trainer
Viola Kraus


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